07 Men’s Casual Jackets that Millennials Love Wearing

Millennial fashion is as cool as Gen Z fashion and the good thing is that following these trends you will feel quite comfortable. As a millennial what most people love to wear is millennial fashion outfits. Millennial fashion trends may not be in fashion nowadays but for some people, it has become their comfort style. Millennial jackets are still iconic and every man loves wearing millennial jackets.

Many different types of jackets are part of millennial fashion trends and you can carry all of these jacket styles with great ease. So if you are looking to buy a jacket for yourself which belongs to the millennial style then you need to know about all of your options. Given below are all the fashion jackets that belong to the millennial era and would be loved and cherished by you.

7 Awesome Men’s Casual Jackets that Millennials Love Wearing

If you are looking for some good millennial jackets, then the following are some of your options and buying each of these jackets will be fashionable and functional as well.

Rider Jacket

Rider jackets are the kind of jackets that people wear while riding bikes or even wear after horseback riding. These jackets are designed to protect the wearer’s clothes from dirt and abrasion. These jackets are also very warm based on the type of material that has been used to manufacture them.

These jackets are fitted which gives a very stylish and proper oak to the person wearing this jacket. Most of the time these jackets are made of leather and have several zippers and snaps for the closure of jackets. Nowadays you can also find jackets that are made of parachutes.

Bomber Jacket

A bomber jacket is also part of millennial jacket trends. You can see many old movies from that time and will see many stars wearing such jackets. These jackets still look very stylish and to this date, people carry these jackets with all kinds of jackets. A bomber jacket is a short jacket that has a ribbed and a gathered hem. The sleeve cuffs are of the same pattern.

Bomber jackets can also be made of many different materials. The front closure of such a jacket is zippered. Bomber jackets are also known as flight jackets and were worn normally by US Army Aviation. These jackets provide enough protection from the cold while giving a very stylish look to your outfit.

Parka Winter Jackets

Parka winter jackets are long coats that have insulated filling in them. These jackets are long coats that also have a hood on them. Most of the time the hoods are also lined with fur coating which makes them even warmer. Parka jackets are for extremely cold weather.

So, if you live in a cold environment then you should get this parka winter jacket. These jackets look stylish and are very warm and comforting at the same time. If you are looking forward to following some millennial jacket trends then consider this parka coat as well.

Stylish Denim Jackets

Denim jackets are no longer only a millennial trend because they are back in fashion now. You can see many people still wearing denim jackets. Denim on denim fashion is also back and is trending. Denim jackets of all kinds are available at every store so you can easily follow this trend by wearing such a jacket. Denim jackets are available in all styles as well. You can find one in a fitted style and can also find one in a baggy style. Also, as it is a denim jacket you can wear one and it will look great on you.

Windbreaker Men’s Jackets

Windbreaker men’s jackets are very lightweight and are barely a jacket; they are more of a protection from the win. The main purpose of a windbreaker jacket is that these jackets are made to protect you from the wind and chill as well. These jackets can also offer you protection from the rain because they will protect your clothes from soaking.

These jackets can be worn on any day when it is slightly cold or you can wear them on top of your other jackets as well so that they can protect you from the cold breeze. Wearing such jackets is very important to protect yourself from the cold harsh winter.

Hooded Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are not only a need for fashion trends but are also a requirement for the cold winter season. Leather provides the best protection from cold and is suitable for any type of situation. What’s better than a leather jacket is a hooded leather jacket so you can give your head the same amount of warmth as your body. Leather jackets are made of original leather and faux leather as well. Most of these leather jackets have viscose lining which gives more warmth to your body. Different style variations are available so you can choose one that you think resembles the most millennial fashion trends.

Faux Fur Leather Jacket

A faux fur leather jacket is another type of leather jacket where the inner lining of the jacket isn’t lined with viscose material but is instead lined with faux fur. Most of the time this faux fur extends to the collar of the leather jacket. This faux fur lining provides extra protection from the cold weather in the faux fur leather jacket. This way you will remain warmer wearing such a jacket.


This was all you needed to know about the millennial jacket trends for men. You can buy any one of these jackets or can buy them all if you like millennial jacket trends. You can make a selection based on the type of situation you are buying a jacket for.

All these jacket styles fit in the millennial fashion trends category so now what you have to choose is a jacket based on the type of weather you are planning to wear it for and the type of situation you are wearing it for.

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