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Evergreen Fashion From 2000 To 2022

Of course, Yes! Although many new designs and patterns come every year, still some patterns never go out of fashion. Same as this, some styles stay as a trend forever. So we have shortlisted a few styles that you need to take out from your closet and start wearing them. 

Cargo Pants 

Who doesn’t loves pockets? 

These days our phones are so big and pockets available in other jeans are very small that only a coin can fit in. So people had to bring back the fashion of cargo pants. These can be paired up with crop tops or even body suits. But prefer wearing a fitting top as cargo pants are loose so if you wear a loose upper then it will look a bit shaggy. With this you don’t need any accessories, all you want is a pair of shoes or even boots will also look good.  

Flaunt your skin in style! 

Velvet Tracksuits 

It is hard to explain the love of velvet fabric in words, but by wearing a velvet tracksuit it can be defined. Recently almost everyone is loving a monochromatic look tracksuit. Especially in winter, it is the best choice to make as it will keep you warm and easily you can carry them in casual wear. Britney Spears was also spotted wearing a blue velvet tracksuit along with shoes and was looking over the top. From colors to prints they come in a large variety, depending upon your choice pick what’s best for you. Furthermore, you can even mix and match them with other clothes.

Statement Tees 

Back in the time people used clothing as a means to express themselves, and still today they do. To stand against any social injustice people started wearing printed tees, on which mostly slogans were there. But with time new designers found a way to express their designs through colors and patterns. Still, after years the slogan trend came back and was sold out like hotcakes. These days people even started having their slogans customized on hoodies and t-shirts. These t-shirts can be worn on casual days but avoid wearing them at parties or in formal wear. As it looks a bit unethical, and also avoid having slogans that target any person  

In particular. Because then you will be violating the personal space of anyone’s life. 


Fashion has evolved through eras, and many styles that women used to wear are worn by men and vice versa. And there is no harm in that, as this style will help you elevate your style. You can either wear a vest over a t-shirt, or shirt or even without anything under it. Just by wearing a vest and a pant, you can look killer. To know how to carry this style you can take inspiration from the fashion icon Hailey Beiber, she wore a black vest with white pants and was looking stunning. 

Neckties For Women

Want a bold look?

Through neckties, women too can have a bold look. Although earlier neckties were made especially for men, later on, in the 2000s women took over the style. And believe it or not, women wearing them look bold and professional. If you are afraid of trying it, then leave the worries because they will make your style a way of expression. All the working women,  those who have to deal daily with numerous people and attend various business meetings. This attire is perfect for you! In addition, according to the season, you can change the fabric, from cotton to tweed, or wool. So that you don’t have to change your style and only by changing the fabric look can be maintained.     

Cowl Necklines

Have you ever seen the movie Sex and the City and their dressing?

If you have then you must know what I am talking about. In that movie, a cowl neck was worn by most women. These days this style has made a special place in everyone’s cart. Cowl necklines are basically when an amount of fabric is collected below the collarbone and makes your neck look taller. You must have seen almost every other store or on sites that a lot of satin cowl neckline dresses are available. Mostly satin cowl neckline dresses look gorgeous on ball nights or evening dates. In winter if you wish to wear this then with this you can carry a fur jacket of contrasting or matching color. With this dress even if you don’t carry any accessories then also you will look stunning.       

Slip Skirts 

Slip skirts never go out of trend!

When paired up with crop tops or vests it gives a pixie look. You can have inspiration from Jennifer Aniston’s 2002 and Zoe Kravitz’s 2021 look. Although this style is very old still it looks great in the evening as well as on casual day outs. You can club a slip skirt with a crop top and over it layer yourself with a jacket. Moreover, if you want to go out for a party in a slip skirt then opt for sequin fabric, as it will make you shine amongst others. And with this, you can wear the same sequin top, to have a monochrome look. To add on some accessories go for minimal, for instance, a sling bag, watch, and high heels.    

Want To Make Some Amends In Your Apparel?

If you are a designer, a private label, or an enterprise and want to create your next collection of these styles. Then come and connect with Fabriclore which will provide you with all the textile problems. Here you can customize your designs, color, and patterns with the assistance of our in-house designers. As to make your company grow you have to stay on trend and that will be only possible with customization. Moreover, there is a wide range of fabrics from tweed, poplin, taffeta, silk, denim, cotton, crepe, viscose, organza, and many others. Don’t worry about the distance if you have a zeal for fabrics as along with India our fast and safe shipping services are available in the USA, UK, and Canada.     

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