How many Spotify followers do we need to get verified?

A few times ago, artists needed at least 150 followers to get verified on Spotify. However, today there is no minimum or the maximum number of followers when they apply for the Spotify for Artists program.

Why should we care about becoming a verified artist on Spotify?

Becoming an artist in the music industry brings lots of opportunities.  

To increase your chances of being added to a Spotify playlist, you must undergo Spotify’s artist verification process. This series of steps will add a checkmark to your Spotify artist profile. That way, playlist curators are more likely to consider you a viable option for their next playlist.

About 20% of the tracks pitched through the Spotify for Artists program have been added to one or more playlists, so this is an excellent opportunity for an artist profile. Plus, you get access to some exciting perks that help improve the quality of our profile.

The list of features available only after Spotify verification is complete includes:

Post relevant information on the artist page to all Spotify followers (such as tour dates). Exclusive access to a selection of artists (you can add custom images to your Spotify account and pin relevant tracks to your profile for all your fans to hear).

How Do I Pass Spotify Artist Verification?

For Spotify Verification An Artist Must Complete Before Receiving A Verified Tick A Sequence Of Four Different Steps. To make the whole job more accessible, our experts have prepared the proper guides to help you make your music distribution more effective.

  • Step 1 – Go to the verification section of the Artist Spotify.

This step requires access to a dedicated section via a direct link or by downloading the Spotify mobile app. If you choose the mobile app method, click the Claim Profile button.

  • Step 2 – Open your artist account.

When you visit the appropriate section, you will be asked to enter your name and choose one of two options: The Artist or the Manager. Representing the Artist.

  • Step 3 – Enter the required information.

Spotify will ask you for personal information to help us verify your account and grant you access to additional features.

  • Step 4 – Wait for the verified badge.

The final step is to wait a few business days for the Spotify team to review all your information and assign you a verified badge.


Having a  checkmark on your profile is an effective way to get your tracks on a Spotify playlist. Regardless of how many followers you have on your Spotify profile, there are many other things to include besides the Spotify verification process.

However, passing Spotify verification opens new doors for us as artists, including exclusive access to Spotify’s streaming stats. These insights will help you get your tracks in front of playlist curators and maximise their chances of being added to playlists.

Is it difficult to get verified with Spotify?

No, it’s not that difficult to get verified with Spotify. All you have to do is provide relevant and complete information about your music career.

How do I verify my Spotify account?

To verify your Spotify account, you must apply for the blue check mark through the Spotify for Artists program. To do this, enter the required information and await an official reply.

How do I activate Spotify for free?

No payment is required to verify your Spotify account. So you can easily use the official method. Look no further.

How many followers do we need to be approved on Spotify?

A few years ago, for an artist to be a verified user on Spotify, he needed at least 250 followers. However, there is currently no minimum number of followers to apply for the Spotify for Artists program.

What is the ratio of listeners to followers?

It is a ratio that can be calculated using the following formula:

Listener-Follower Ratio = Spotify Followers / Spotify Monthly Listeners

If the Listener-Follower Ratio is 1, all listeners are followers. If it’s less than 1, no one is actively following you on Spotify. You have more followers (or fans) than monthly listeners if it’s multiple.

Difference Between Followers and Listeners

 Artists who play the long game invest in their followers. Because followers are genuinely invested in your career, by following you on Spotify, they can be the first to be notified of your latest releases. 

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