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T-Shirt Neckline: A Guide To Dig Into 

When idealizing comfort, t-shirts are the first thing to come to mind. From the moisture-wicking fabric to the sleek neck design, t-shirts are ruling the fashion arena with minimalism. The gravitating force behind the hype of t-shirts is the gateway to endless styling options. However, t-shirts have expanded themselves in terms of designs, from modern sleeve designs to contemporary necklines. To step into the styling realm, you need to step down the staircase of basic knowledge and dive into the combination of style and comfort. 

The soft fabric and basic design has become the everyday staple of the wardrobe. However, each of them stands out for having a unique and different neckline. Even if you are not a pro at styling and fashion, you would still guess some of the necklines. Looking at Next Level 3600 can easily make you guess the crewneck design. However, there are numerous necklines invading the overall t-shirt design. However, knowing a few would work best for you.



A crew neck design has a round neckline that is closer to the neck. The misconception of considering it as a round neck needs to be shattered here. The round neck design has a curve. On the other hand, the crew neck doesn’t. Crewneck designs are the modern, minimal, and most chosen neckline because of the sitting appeal they encompass.

Why crewneck?

The first design invading the modern era of t-shirt design is the crewneck. The crewneck design has appeared to be the most preferred among both genders, and it’s easy to see why. The Navy was the first one to adapt the style to their look. Eventually, it turned out to be a wardrobe essential for everyone. Both men and women have been adding to the grace of the neckline by customizing their looks and adding flare to it.

 How to style a crew neck?

The plain and minimal neckline is enough for the magnificent appearance. It does not rely on embellishments. However, knowing the basic styling will give it the value it deserves. 

  • A plain crew-neck t-shirt like Next Level 3600 works well with denim jeans.
  • The neckline adds to the allure of all hues, and trying them all is the key to different looks.
  • To give women a more formal look, adding a flared skirt will make them professionally aesthetic.
  • It can be underlaid with the basic, contrasting button-down t-shirt.
  • Look for different prints on the apparel to have a cool appearance.


The name itself indicates the “V” shaped design of the neckline. Two diagonal lines, when they meet, give birth to the phenomenal neckline. The depth of the V-neck differs for all brands and t-shirts. However, the uniqueness is kept alive across The neckline is available in both men’s and women’s t-shirt designs, giving them a flawless look.

Why v-neck 

It becomes the casual wear for both genders as it emerges as a necessity.The crew neck, being closer to the neck, was not a good option as an undergarment. The need for something that could ideally be worn as an undergarment brought the V-neck design to the market. Though they are not the ideal fashion statement, people wear it as an undergarment. However, one’s creativity can give it the desired look. 

How to style a V-neck t-shirt?

The basic design needs a little effort to make it look appealing and classy. The V-neck can easily be made versatile by picking the right options to pair  

  • Knowing that v-neck t-shirts make excellent underlayer clothing,Combining it with the button-down shirt will give a classic look.
  • V-neck t-shirts The look alone speaks of grace when walking along blazers on a winter night.
  • Adding jewelry to the look is easier on a v-neck design.
  • Pair it with the jeans to add to the simpler look of the t-shirt.

Scoop Neck

Scoop neck is often intermixed with crew neck. However, scoop necks are low and have a U-shaped neckline design. A scoop neck exposes a bit of collar bone, allowing women to flaunt their looks with unique appeal. It has a feminine look and is meant to be the best apparel choice for women. 

What’s with the scoop neck?

Being the modern and fashionable women’s apparel choice, it carries the ultimate grace and class in its design. The deep and U-shaped design around the neck allows one to sharply exemplify their neckline features. The design also offers comfort and is an appropriate everyday choice for both genders. 

How to style a scoop neck?

 Ideally designed for women, the t-shirt styling revolves around women’s fashion. However, there is no restriction on men wearing the t-shirt. If properly styled, anyone can carry the style.

  • A basic scoop-neck t-shirt can easily be paired with wide-leg jeans for a captivating look.
  • A mini skirt is the ideal companion for a classic look.
  • The open neckline allows one to add jewelry to the attire.
  • One can layer the pop-colored tank top with the t-shirt for a look one never dreamt of creating. 


With just scratching the surface of all the basic neckline designs, it has been easier for you to hunt for your preferences. Look for what best suits your styling game and add to it with your creativity. Let your closet own all the necklines to slay all the designs with your grace.

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