Top 5 Natural Landmarks In Hong Kong

Natural beauty attracts everyone, it gives you a breathtaking experience of a fresh environment. Summer is perfect to plan a trip. If you love traveling and dare to explore new natural landmarks so you must visit Hong Kong. The most fascinating city full of skyscrapers same it has amazingly beautiful natural spots that fascinate you a lot and leave a positive impression on your mind. You can give take a memorable experience in these natural spots that you have never seen before. Time to pack you pack your bags and go far from this digital world. The place where you can breathe freely and enjoy the calming beauty of nature.

What’s more, Nature is a blessing that everyone has to take care of it, try to build a clean and clear environment that gives you more in return. Take a tour of the most charming beauty of nature that adds more colors to your life. Don’t forget to take a camera with you to take memorable pictures of the scenic views of this fantastic region.

1-Shek O

Shek O beach is located in the southeastern area of Hong Kong. it is the most famous and fascinating beach which gives you the neverending pleasure of beauty and adventure. Shek O means “rock bay” and the whole area is in the South region of China. This amazing beach has a luxurious outdoor dining facility that provides you with a hot delicious meal with a panoramic view of nature. Give yourself the best treat of the year with Klook Promo Code.

2-Repulse Bay

Repulse Bay is a semi-circle beach located in the southern area of Hong Kong. The clean crystal clear freshwater surrounded by hills and mountains gives you the perfect way to amaze yourself. It is the most popular destination where lots of tourist visit to take a memorable experience. Seaview Promenade is connected with Repulse Bay which is famous for jogging and walking. It is a romantic place for newly married couples.

3-Sai Wan Swimming Shed

The Sai Wan Swimming Shed is the most charming place where fewer people come to visit. The old wooden bridge and bamboo sheds with a simple clean changing room take you into the fantasy world. It is the best natural spot for wedding shoots, the sunset gives you the perfect romantic scenic view that would be more delightful to the couples.

4-Clear Water Bay

Clear Water Bay is also located in the southeastern part of Hong Kong. The charming beaches and sea give you the perfect natural environment of beauty. Shaw Brothers are the famous studio which is located nearby at this bay. It has aqua-green water and sparkling white sand that give a breathtaking view to its visitors.

5-Deep Water Bay

Deepwater Bay is one of the famous beaches of Hong Kong. it gives you lots of activities and facilities that’s why tourist love to visit this bay. A perfect separate place for making barbeque or enjoying a fish party that gives you long =loasting fun and excitement throughout the day. The most fascinating activity of boat surfing gives more pleasure to the surfing lovers.

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